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You know, I’m pretty sure that there has been tons of market research with regard to the perfect sized foot.  Unfortunately, not every foot is created equal.  I’m sure everyone is aware that I have a facebook fan page where I post shoes daily.  On my page, I have a some of my regulars who show up even though the majority of what I post will not fit them.  I have to say, it’s quite disheartening to constantly hear that they love the shoe but it doesn’t come in their size.  I have no idea why most major manufacturers have not jumped all over this market.

There are a couple of sites that cater to women who have wider feet but I have to be honest, the name of my site is Sexy Bags & Shoes and the selection of what is considered sexy is slim.  Again, I’m sure there has probably been tons of research done on this topic that says if you have a wide or a large foot that you don’t want sexy or additional height.  Well, as with most rules, there are exceptions.  A friend saw a really hot pair of Jessica Simpson shoes on my fan page & so she purchased them with her fingers crossed that maybe they would fit her, when I say hot, I mean 5 1/4″ heel and all.  Got them home and then sadly found that her hopes were dashed.  I’m not sure where the thought came from that women with larger feet or who are taller don’t want to wear heels.

My best girlfriend is literally 6′ tall without shoes, I don’t think she owns a pair that is lower than a 4″ heel.  Fortunately for her, she has a larger foot but her width is pretty standard.  For those of you with wide & large feet, here are the few options I’ve managed to find.

Barefoot Tess – They don’t have a large selection of high heels but at least they do have some. I love that they take into account that if you leave a larger footprint, you may need more stability. Wedges work well for adding both height & stability.
Faryl Robin Madison Wedge (Green)

DesignerShoes.com – This retailer also offers shoes for women who have larger or wider feet. The highest heel I found was 3″ and they have some trendy looks.

I will admit though, when it comes down to a truly sexy shoe with some serious height, I refer people to ShoesUSA.com.  There are a few places to make a custom shoe but nothing quite like what you find here.  The sizes are as small as a size 4 all the way to a size 14 1/2 and the heels heights go all the way to 6″.  Depending on what you design, these shoes run neck and neck price wise with your favorite designers but you have an original shoe, your colors, your size, your heel height.  Be as sexy & as unique as you dare.  I hope this helps some of the women that are having a challenge finding great shoes that are truly sexy.

Happy Shopping!


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    I like the leopard pumps. So sexy & fashionable.

  • Kellie

    I just love the fact that someone thought that women with larger feet wanted to be sexy too. That is a great pair of shoes, did you take a look at some of the sites I mentioned, they’ve got a great selection. Thanks for stopping by, hope to see you again soon.